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I am Harrington Gibson and I will be your moderator. Thank you for joining our project to bring grassroots voice to the front of the discussion on student assessment in Illinois.

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Phase 1: We invite educators to share their ideas on the discussion question in this web-based platform.

Phase 2: A small group of thought leaders is invited to form a Writing Collaborative, which turns the larger group’s ideas into actionable recommendations.

Phase 3: The Writing Collaborative delivers a report full of recommendations to education leaders.

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Our Question:

Though questions remain about how Illinois will implement PARCC assessments, teachers and administrators need reliable, accurate and regular sources of information about their students’ performance--including student assessment data--to inform their instruction sooner rather than later.

Drawing from your own experience in the classroom, what makes an assessment useful? How can we ensure that summative and formative assessments are usefully incorporated into instructional planning time? If Illinois wants to provide educators and parents with a useful, reliable, applicable set of student assessment data is there a role for PARCC or are there better assessments for the state to use?

Who profits?

Sue L. PARCC as it looks now is not an accurate measure of student achievement, and it CERTAINLY isn't a measure of teacher ... More »

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Quick & Easy Assessment

Laura R. What makes assessment useful? When it's quick and easy, both for students and teachers! Design quick formative assess... More »

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Assessments Useful?

VanNessa G. What makes an assessment useful is when it is aligned to my curriculum, I get results quickly and in a way that I can use ... More »

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Ways to Improve Accountability

Harrington Gibson, Moderator Good afternoon IEA Idea Exchange Participants,

To help generate dialogue, I am inviting all members to take a look at t... More »

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Emotionally Supportive

Miriam S. Using technology, tests can be crafted to adjust to student knowledge & skill levels. The MAP tests are an example of... More »

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